Race Participant Feature: Tyler and Ida Huneault

Huneaults’ determination and commitment embody spirit of Alive to Strive

Fourteen year-old Tyler Huneault and his mother, Ida, are participating in this year’s Alive to Strive 5km Race on April 28. Theirs is a special story, one of a mother and son inspiring each other and finding joy in every day.

When Tyler was diagnosed with kidney disease at 10 years of age, his world suddenly changed. “Two weeks into the new and unexpected world of kidney disease, my 10 year-old little boy, confused, frightened, and until that point a carefree boy, leaned into me, head on my shoulder and said, ‘Will my kidney’s ever start working again?,” remembers Ida. “My direct answer was, ‘I don’t think so.’”

For three years, Tyler continued dialysis treatments. In December 2011, he received a kidney transplant, and he and his family have been celebrating every day since then.

And that is why Tyler and Ida are lacing up together on April 28th.

Ida explains, “Tyler has a quality of resilience and inspiration. He has once again inspired me to put my running shoes on and challenge myself against his electric wheel chair. I have committed to getting Tyler across the finish line of the Alive to Strive 5 km race in 30 minutes.

And just like the name says – alive to strive – Ty can do it….but will I. I now know I can’t do it alone and am challenging friends and others to face this with me. Why? To commit to those that live with kidney disease. To celebrate life. To physically be a presence and to say, ‘Yes, you own this, but you are not alone. We will get you where you need to go, together.’”

Ida’s words capture the spirit of the Alive to Strive Kidney Fitness Project. The organization dedicates itself to educating and supporting those living with chronic kidney disease to achieve their dreams by gaining a better level of fitness, while connecting people living with the disease.

“On this journey, we met Marie-Eve Chainey at the first annual run to raise funds for those with kidney disease and help them lead healthier lives,” adds Ida. “We were in the middle of our dialysis story. We witnessed reunions between the children and dialysis nurses and the children who were no longer children but had grown up – they were thriving survivors. We too were going to remain alive.”

On April 28th, when Tyler and Ida race, they will not be alone. They will be surrounded by hundreds of runners and walkers who share their commitment to make a difference in the lives of those living with kidney disease.

Join them on race day and celebrate life.

Watch Tyler and Marie-Eve on the CTV Morning Show

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