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My Name is Carol-Ann. This is How the Alive to Strive Fitness Grant Program has Touched Me.

Hi! My name is Carol-Ann.  This is how the Alive to Strive fitness grant program has touched me. When I was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2012, my energy level and physical condition were so poor I could not walk

 Fitness Grant Fuels Race Ambassador’s Passion for Physical Activity

“I love my gym,” says Diana Aiello, our 2013 Race Ambassador. “For three years now, I’ve been keeping up my workouts five days a week. I feel so energized.” Rewind to 2013 when Diana received an Alive to Strive fitness

World Kidney Day: Raise a Glass of Water to Your Hard-Working Organs!

On March 12, join people around the world in drinking a glass of water to celebrate our kidneys. These fist-sized organs, tucked neatly under our rib cage, do so many essential tasks to keep us healthy. Their health is affected

65 Pounds Lighter, Thanks to a Fitness Grant and a Strong Resolve

“Eight years ago, I received a heart transplant,” said 68-year-old John Quinte, sharing his story of how he became an Alive to Strive grant recipient. “I’d been sent home from the Ottawa Heart Institute and told to get my affairs

Spring Is Almost Here, and so Is the 2015 Alive to Strive Race!

Race season is upon us! That beautiful time of year when the snow begins to melt and more and more runners and walkers can be seen along the canal. The air is still crisp, but the sun is warm on


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