Drum Roll Please… and the 2015 3-Kg Challenge Team Is….

On April 26, the 3-Kg Challenge Team will feature ten inspiring individuals in the Ottawa community who are looking to walk—or in this case run—in the shoes of dialysis patients. Together, they will take part in this year’s “3-Kg Challenge.”


What is the 3-Kg Challenge?

 As part of the 2015 Alive to Strive race, ten individuals have accepted the challenge to run 5 km while wearing 3-kg vests. This extra weight emulates the average water weight that individuals with chronic kidney failure who rely on dialysis treatments to survive, accumulate between each dialysis treatment. This initiative aims to raise community awareness of the challenges surrounding kidney disease. The Alive to Strive Kidney Fitness Project’s mission is to prevent kidney disease by promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. 

 Meet the team!

 Dave Schellenberg, Announcer, Live 88.5 FM

daveDave Schellenberg has been talking tech on the radio since 1994. Over the years he has covered the rise of the Internet, high-definition televisions and the evolution of video games. His segments cover technology and the impact of it on economics, politics and the way we communicate.




 Terry Marcotte, Sports Director, CTV News Ottawa

terryTerry Marcotte is the Sports Director of CTV Ottawa. He is an Ottawa native with nearly three decades of television experience.

 Terry joined CTV Ottawa, then CJOH, in 1987.

He travelled the country and world trouble spots as National affairs correspondent for the program “Sunday Edition with Mike Duffy”. Terry’s cross-country hitch-hiking adventure captured the prestigious Canpro Showcase award. He has won a showcase of other awards including a gold medal a the New York Film and Television festival. He joined the sports department in 1999.




Delaney Holley, Miss Intercontinental Canada 2014

 delDelaney Holley, 23, grew up in Renfrew, Ontario. She was awarded the title Miss Intercontinental Canada 2014 after competing in the Top Model Search Canada competition. This singer/song writer, volunteer, skiing and swimming instructor, model and University of Ottawa graduate participated in the Miss Intercontinental pageant in Germany in the fall of 2014. Delaney placed in the top 15, was 4th runner up and received the Miss Congeniality award. She completed her 1st half marathon in the spring of 2014. Delaney is looking forward to increasing her awareness and experiencing firsthand one of the difficulties of living with chronic kidney disease.



David Witiluk, Registered Kinesiologist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

 david wDavid has an Honours Bachelor and a Master’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology from Lakehead University. He has experience creating a wide variety of training programs which develop fundamental movement skills for athletes and improved health and fitness in the general population.

 David is passionate about running both on and off the track. He has competed at the University level in middle distance track and cross country races. He has also coached the Lakehead Athletics Club Track Fundamentals program developing speed, skill, strength, and suppleness.


David cares about helping people regain and maintain an active lifestyle, maintain general health or improve performance in sport. He currently offers the Alive to Strive race 5K group training classes and is the group instructor for the “Let’s Get Moving” group training classes.

 “I am taking part in the challenge to help understand and support the

Alive to Strive groups that I train.”

  Susan Leslie, Home Dialysis Nurse, The Ottawa Hospital

 susanSusan Leslie is a home dialysis nurse at the Ottawa Hospital. She has been a nurse for 28 years and is married with three children. She has been running for five years and started with “the learn to run” program. She just finished her third 30K race.

 “I have been working at the home dialysis unit for eight years and have had the pleasure of meeting many incredible patients. Home dialysis patients are strong, persistent and never give up. I run for them. They are my heros.”






Christopher R.J. Kennedy, Ph.D. 

ChristopherChristopher Kennedy is a Senior Scientist within the Chronic Disease Program and Kidney Research Centre at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine / Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.  Dr. Kennedy serves as a Chair of the CIHR Hematology Digestive Diseases and Kidney open operating grant peer review committee, and is an Advisory Board member of the CIHR’s Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes.

 “As a researcher who studies kidney disease – constantly looking into intricate details of how the kidney functions and how it is injured, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that patients living without functioning kidneys carry a heavy burden (literally, as they gain weight between dialysis sessions).  I thought it would be a fitting experience to walk (or in this case run) a mile in their shoes.  I think it will give me new motivation for my work.”

  Natalie Kahalé, Television Host, Nat en Parle!

 NatalieNatalie Kahalé is an eternal optimist who absolutely loves life! She believes that everyone can experience happiness in daily life, independent of the challenges we all face. Natalie is described by those who know her as a loving, bubbly person who always seems to notice the positive in people, situations and life events. She is constantly seeking meaningful connections and interactions through others and experiences. Natalie works at the City of Ottawa in the field of organizational development. She is also a keynote speaker in both English and French on the topics of leadership, connection and leading an inspired life. You can watch her on television when you visit Ottawa because she is involved in her community as a local television producer and host of her own weekly live talk show Nat en Parle! on TV Rogers. She also inspires listeners with her weekly radio segment Nat m’inspire on 94.5 Unique FM.  You can find her in a yoga studio or painting in her free time. Natalie holds an honours degree in Psychology and an (Executive) Masters of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.

 “Marie-Eve Chainey is an inspiration. She represents courage, determination and a spirit for life. I want to support and encourage her.”

 John Armit, Provincial Constable, Ontario Provincial Police

 johnProvincial Constable John Armit has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for 14 years, and is currently the Community Services Officer for the Ottawa Detachment.  Provincial Constable Armit is a supporter of the Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Program, which is a voluntary annual fitness appraisal that is open to uniform and civilian members. He grew up in the Ottawa area and enjoys an active lifestyle. 





 Melanie Adams, Reporter, 1310 News

 melMelanie is a reporter for 1310 News, and has been running for the last five years (not constantly — she sometimes stops to sleep and play video games.) This is her fifth year participating in the Alive to Strive race.

 “So, why do I take part in the Alive to Strive race? Maybe because I like Marie-Eve so much. Maybe because I like the people she’s introduced me to in the few years I’ve been taking part. Maybe because I want to do what I can, even if it’s just raising a few dollars, to help people exercise — something this TV-watching, couch-sitting bum sometimes takes for granted.” To learn more about why Melanie supports Alive to Strive, read her blog!

 Lionel Bedard, Teacher, South Carleton High School

lionelLionel has been involved in education for more than 15 years.  He teaches at South Carleton High School and has been connected with an approach to personal fitness since the late 90’s.  Since that point, his school program and course selection has changed to reflect the interest in personal fitness themed courses. As part of the course summative, students train and then participate in a community sponsored 5K event.  This year, students will participate in the Alive to Strive race.  Lionel has always joined in on the training and the run itself.  This year, he has had to adjust his training schedule due to knee surgery.

 “I was motivated to participate in the 3-Kg Challenge after witnessing Marie-Eve’s personal account of her story.  She delivered a powerful and inspiring presentation to our class of grade 11 personal fitness girls (students).  Once she described this unique opportunity of the weighted vest I felt the need to experience what those with kidney disease could feel on a regular basis.”

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