Why I am Running with a Weight on my Back


Team 3KG Challenge

“Running and life are about adversity and overcoming challenges.”

I have been running for almost 30 years and during that time life and running have thrown me a few curve balls. I have had to climb a few hills mentally and physically. But I am still here.

There are others out there who have faced more than hills, they have had mountains to overcome.

This spring I was approached to be an ambassador, a participant in a run called Alive to Strive. I love to run so the initial, easy answer was YES. I did some more research to find out what the run was about.

A run with a reason

Many runs are organized to simply raise money for a cause – nothing wrong with that. This run is also about running and being active. It really connected with me. The Alive to Strive Race is the primary fundraiser for Alive to Strive Kidney Fitness Project, which is a non-profit organization committed to education, prevention and public awareness about chronic kidney disease. The difference for me is that the money raised from the run goes to an Active Living Grant Program for individuals living with chronic kidney disease in the Ottawa area.

Marie-Eve’s (the founder) story, the story of an elite athlete (high-jumper) and someone who clearly thrived on being active being struck down with kidney disease – hit me. I understand how devastating it must have been not only to be sick but to be unable to feel healthy and active.

This run helps make fitness grants available to those suffering from kidney disease. The grants can go toward such things as gym memberships, fitness classes, personal training sessions, or lawn bowling. I LOVE THIS! I know how it can be when you are sick or out of shape and the affect it can have on your mental health and your ability to deal with life. I think mental and physical health are linked.

What I am doing

I have committed to taking my skinny running dad body out for a 5K run with a team called the 3KG Challenge. To raise awareness of kidney disease, my team and I will be wearing weighted 3Kg, or 6.6 lbs, vests to simulate the average weight gained by kidney patients in between dialysis treatments. No race day stress this time – but game to see how my skinny frame handles an extra few pounds.

I will be focusing on thinking about how this weight, this feeling of drag and resistance must feel like for someone already not in good health.

Help take the weight off someone else’s shoulders.

Come out and meet me and the 3kg Challenge team and get a run in!

 Still time to register! www.alivetostrive.ca

Follow me on Twitter @NoelPaine or on my personal blog No Paine No Gain to hear about the run!

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