Day One of Training – March 5th, 2018

Hi everyone, my name is Deborah and guess what, I signed myself up for some professional running sessions to train for the Alive to Strive Race this April 29, 2018! In so doing, the organizing committee for the race asked if I would write a few blog posts about my training as I progress towards race day. And voila… Here I am sharing with all of you.

If I am honest, I was really looking forward to the first training session. Of course, nervous as well because I haven’t run in over 20 years and wasn’t sure what to expect for the first session. David Witiluk from Ottawa Osteopathy& Sports Therapy was everything I was hoping for: engaging, FIT, sport and exercise intelligent and most importantly, friendly! I also met two new people, Gary and Sue. I will be training with them along with Marie-Eve – the Race Director. More people are joining the training – what about you? Come join us for some fun!!

David wisely used the hour to check on our physical abilities – getting to know us and help create a running program that meets our individual needs. Before I knew what was happening, the hour was up and I was a wee bit sad. Next class is this Wednesday, March 7th. The real cardio starts then and I look forward to telling you about it. Assuming I am not passed out with fatigue…

And did I mention that I have kidney disease? I have been very lucky so far and still have two very well-functioning kidneys. I sincerely think that by exercising, I’ll be able to keep it that way for decades to come!

Alive to Strive participant- Deborah Lorenzin

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