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We can do it!

Our Alive to Strive race day is fast approaching – practically here!  – and guess what?  I successfully completed a practice 5km run/walk with my trainer, David, and fellow kidney patient, Gary. I was thrilled with my result: 34 minutes! My face stayed a

Basking in the small victories (Deborah’s latest training update)

Mother Nature won’t get me or the team down. Nope, no way. Freezing rain, snow, wind, hail or ice will not stop us from training.     Once again, we used the seven-story building as our training playground while the ice

Deborah’s Exciting Training Milestone

Gary is back!  I was so happy to see him that I gave him a big hug.  Despite being seriously sick for well over a week, he didn’t complain, kept smiling and showed an eagerness to get back into the

Dedicated Long-Time Volunteers Sponsor 1KM Race

 Meet Lorna Bradley, one of the “Three Amigos” sponsoring this year’s 1KM Race I have been a diabetic for over 50 years and had a quadruple bypass 12 years ago. After this operation, my kidneys failed and fortunately I was

Deb’s Day 9 5km Training Update

I am doing it… Running… I know it seems simple but for someone like me with old knee injuries, I am grateful that I have been able to slowly build up my stamina. During this training session, I ran for


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